As technology becomes more advanced, it is imperative the InfraGard chapter of South Carolina continues to advance as well.  Many changes have been made to serve our members for the upcoming years and many more changes are still to come. 


To better serve our membership, the South Carolina InfraGard has added five Regional Vice-Presidents to the board:  Upstate, Columbia, Charleston, Rock Hill and Myrtle Beach.  These Regional VPs will be dedicated to bringing more programs to members throughout the state.  The goal will be to keep all members up to date on the latest advances in their sector.   

New Committees  

Membership Committee A new Membership Committee has been implemented this year.  The current effort has been to streamline our membership process and look at ways to improve our membership experience. We are asking all of our members to visit our new website and go to the membership tab to update their profile.  This will allow us properly notify you for all InfraGard activities in your region, as well as in the sectors you are most interested in.  

Sponsorship Committee Our first Sponsorship meeting got off to a fast start this past October.  As a 501(c)(3) it is imperative to bring in funds to support the many new programs, both large and small.  Not only will the sponsors support many wonderful programs, but they will also have their name out in front of our 600+ membership.  

Programs Committee With many programs, such as panels, lunch and learns, table top discussions and a Cyber Camp in the works, it is essential for this committee to be up and running in the coming year.  Our goal will be to identify subject matter experts and work on bringing the latest advances to our membership in easy to consume form.  


We live in a world of fast paced communication and social media.  InfraGard is right there with the latest tools for communicating with our members.

Website The new Website has several new pages.  Besides Membership, Sponsorship and Programs we have added pages for each of our sectors.  Also included is a page built specifically for our members to publish articles in their field of expertise.  On the page will be rules for submitting articles to be published.  

Social Media With members constantly on the go, it is important for our organization to stay which is why we will be using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and others.  We aim to keep you informed of the latest advancements, programs and regulations in your desired sectors.  


Twitter:  @InfraGardSC

Facebook:  South Carolina Infragard Members Alliance